Marcia Brandwyn

The first time I saw her was at the Hilton Hotel.  A Sunday, June, '67. She was sitting in the front row at a Day Of Support for Israel just a couple of days after Israel had already "won" the Six Day War.

Marcia was one of the best looking women I had ever seen.  The very next day, there she is in the foyer of my building.  (Was she stalking me?)  I introduced myself to her and told her that I saw her at the "demonstration."

Turns out that she was applying for a job at an employment agency in my building.  Marshall and Maggie Harris were clients of mine, and that's where she went to work, as an employee counselor.

We became friends.  Strictly platonic.  She wanted to meet some Jewish men.  I had just met a sharp looking, bright, single guy who worked for an ad agency at 120 Montgomery, right around the corner.

They went out for the first time a day or so later.  The very next day, Marcia came to see me and gave me the "report."  She said that she had an O.K. time, but probably would not see him again.  However, she said that he might have gotten the wrong idea, since they snuggled a bit.

She explained that the reason for the "snuggle" was that he was wearing an after-shave lotion that she recognized.

The next day I went out to I. Magnins and bought a bottle of the stuff.  I wore it for about 2 months when all of a sudden it hit me, I hated the smell!

I threw away the bottle.