Poker with Fat

The same gang played poker for years: Jake, Sheldon, Mort, Speizer, Sank, Harvey, Mike Lawrence and Richard Rock and myself.

Not big time gambling. The most one could lose in an evening would be maybe 50 bucks. But the game was always raucous especially when Stan “Fat’ Speizer was there. This particular night the tilt was at Speizer's home. Typical of any night when these guys got together, there was all kinds of schmoozing and some craziness. The only unusual addition to this night's cast of characters was Fat's son, Louie, age two. He sat the evenings out sitting on his dad's lap.

Not much swearing goes on except for an occasional "fuck!!!" Speizer made some remarks asking to cut the "dirty" words, pointing to Louie. Fat didn't want little Louie to hear such "dirty" language. (As if he would understand.) A few minutes after this injunction, someone said the "F" word again and Speizer jumped up and screamed, still holding Louie, "don't say fuck in front of the K-I-D!!!" ("Kid" spelled out.)

Another great quote never forgotten by our gang.